• PhD Environmental Science
  • PhD Natural Resources
  • PhD Agricultural Education
  • PhD Agricultural Extension
  • PhD Environmental Science
  • PhD Natural Resources
  • PhD Agricultural Education
  • PhD Agricultural Extension
  • PhD Agricultural Economics
  • PhD Agribusiness Management
  • PhD Animal Science
  • PhD Sustainable Agriculture
  • PhD in Fisheries & Aquaculture

Requirements: Holders of Masters degree in

relevant field or its equivalent from a

recognized Institution/University

  • Msc. Environmental Science
  • Msc. Natural Resources
  • Msc. Agricultural Education
  • Msc. Agricultural Extension
  • Msc. Agricultural Economics
  • Msc. Agribusiness Management
  • Msc. Livestock Production Systems
  • (MSc. LIPS)
  • Msc. Animal Health Management
  • MSC. Agronomy
  • Msc. Limnology
  • Msc. Fisheries & Aquaculture.

Requirements: Bachelors degree with at least

Second Class Honours (Upper Division) and

above OR Second Class Honours (Lower

Division) with two years experience from the

date of graduation equivalent from a

recognized Institution

  • BSc. Applied Aquatic Sciences, BSc. Fisheries and Aquaculture

Requirements: Mean grade of C+ in KCSE with

C+ in biology or biological sciences, geography,

chemistry or physical sciences and

mathematics OR Diplomain Biological Science

from recognized institutions.

  • Bachelor of Agribusiness Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics

Requirements: Mean Grade of C+ in KCSE with

C+ in English,Mathematics, Biology, and

Chemistry, Physical Sciences OR Diploma

holders with a

minimum of a credit pass.

  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education & Extension

Requirements: Mean grade C+ in KCSE, with

C+ in Agriculture& Biology and C (Plain) in

Mathematics/ physics / Geography or Diploma

in related field from a recognized institution.

  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Requirements: Mean Grade C+ in KCSE, With

C+ in Mathematics, English/Kiswahili, Biology/

Biological Sciences, C+ in Chemistry/Physical

Sciences or Diploma in related field

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management

Requirements: Mean Grade of C+ with C+ in

Biology/ Biological Sciences, Geography,

Chemistry /Physical Sciences and Mathematics

OR Diploma holders with at least a credit pass

in related field.

  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Production
  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Science & Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Health

Requirements: Mean Grade of C+ in K.C.S.E

with C+ in Mathematics/Physics (where physical

science was not offered), Geography and

English or equivalent OR Diploma in related

field from

recognized Institutions.

Duration and cost For All Degree Programmes:

4 Academic yrs 96,000/= per year

  • Diploma in Animal Science and Technology,
  • Diploma in Animal Health and Production
  • Diploma in Agricultural Extension

Requirements: KCSE Grade C- with at least Cin

English/Kiswahili, Mathematics, Biology or

Biological Sciences, Physics, Chemistry or

Physical Sciences OR holders of a certificate

relevant area.

  • Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture Entrepreneurship

Requirements: KCSE Mean grade of a C- OR

has certificate with credit in a related field

from an institution recognised by Kisii

University Senate OR other qualifications

recognized by the Senate.

  • Diploma in Agricultural Education and Extension

Requirements: KCSE Grade C+ (Plus) with at

least C+ (Plus) in the teaching subjects i.e.

Agriculture & Biology with atleast C (Plain) in

English/Kiswahili & Mathematics/ Physics


Duration and cost::3 Academic yrs. 63,400/=

per year.

  • Certificate in Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Certificate in Fish Hatchery Management and
  • Maintenance
  • Certificate in Pond Construction and Management
  • Certificate in Limnology and Wetlands
  • Certificate in water issues
  • Certificate in Waste Management
  • Certificate in Artificial Insemination
  • Certificate in Animal Health and Production
  • Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture